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Rabbit's Report - Reviews and Recommendations of Online Money Making Resources

How to Video Marketing: Four Basic Things You Need to Learn

A lot of companies shell out millions of dollars in research and development and try to hire the best people who can create fresh ideas and turn them into breakthrough products and services that help grow their business. Some companies, however, fail to recognize the need to invest in marketing to sell their products. Products and services, no matter how great, can have only limited success if not introduced and advertised properly to customers.

Indeed, one cannot deny the power of strategic marketing and the importance of investing in marketing research and implementation. But, what can companies do during tight economic times, when everything just seems too expensive to afford?

The Internet is a relatively cheap yet very effective way of making a certain product or service known to people. It provides an assortment of opportunities when it comes to advertising and selling that are quite different from the traditional methods. It is the advent of video marketing, however, that really changed the unique quality of media to reach billions of people online.
Video marketing, in its most basic sense, refers to marketing with the use

video marketing

of videos. Video marketing includes video ads, video E-mails, video news letter, video branding, video search marketing, video business cards, video streaming, and the options are almost endless! These video marketing tools and methods help businesses to uniquely set their products and services apart from their competitors.

The basic concepts and principles of video marketing are fairly easy to understand, but learning how to video marketing is another story. Creating a persuasive and compelling video is a combination of art and professional skill. Getting the best out of this tool is not as simple as writing articles, blogs, or product stories. Learning how to video marketing is very important because how you produce and promote your video will determine the success of your product.

Learning how to video marketing basically entails learning how to create powerful video scripts, maximize the power of YouTube as a video hosting service, rank on the first few pages of Google and YouTube using Search Engine Optimization, and find the best websites to host your videos, to name a few.

• Creating powerful video scripts

In order to come up with a really compelling video for your product or business, you’ve got to have a powerful marketing video script that can keep the viewers engaged from start to finish. Here, you have to make a first good impression. You can start by giving a brief introduction about your company, its mission, vision, or core values. Then you can focus on defining the strengths of your product and why it is superior compared to others.

• Maximizing the power of YouTube as a video hosting service

There is no doubt about it – YouTube is the Web’s number one video hosting site with over 4 billion videos viewed per day. If you’re considering video marketing for your product, YouTube definitely has to be included your list of hosting sites.

• Aiming to rank on the first few pages of Google and YouTube using

Search Engine Optimization

If you wish to land on that all-elusive first page of Google, you’ve got to learn how to optimize the Web traffic from your YouTube videos. How? First, you have to use keyword-rich titles in your video. Second, always place a hyperlink to your website or related article in the description section of YouTube. Third, be sure to use keyword-rich tags in your video. Fourth, use graphics in your videos that promote your website. And lastly, don’t forget to mention your website in your video.

• Finding the best websites to host your videos

When it comes to Web marketing, there are literally hundreds of hosting websites to choose from on the Internet. To make life less difficult for you, here are some of the best free video hosting sites that make video marketing possible: YouTube, Vimeo, Revver, Google Videos, AOL Uncut Video, MSN Soapbox, Dailymotion, MetaCafe, iFilm, Motionbox, GorillaVid, and Yahoo Videos. Simply choose the service that best fits your marketing purpose.

The use of videos in marketing has proven over and over again that the Internet is a great venue to advertise products and services. When businesses use video marketing, it becomes easier for them to convey messages because they can “show” the viewer what they mean and what they’d like the customers to see. This marketing tool is undoubtedly very effective, especially now that people are so into “instant fixes”, preferring to watch a 3-minute video rather than reading a long article or sales letter