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Rabbit's Report - Reviews and Recommendations of Online Money Making Resources

3 Step Plan

 What is Andy Willoughby’s 3 Step Plan?

Rabbit’s Report provides in depth reviews of products, websites, services on the internet that claim to make you money.  Our mission is to give you the most authentic and accurate information possible.  Our promise to you is that we will not recommend any product that doesn’t come with an ironclad money back guarantee if your not satisfied.

You’ve heard the Radio Ads. What is Andy Willoughby’s 3 Step Plan to Success?

“Hi, how in the world are you anyway?” the famous and somewhat annoying tagline of Andy Willoughby. He is heard all over the radio selling something called the “3 step plan”. If you go to the website it is very vague and gives no
details. It just asks you to leave your name, email and phone number and they will have someone call you. As someone who has purchased the product I will tell you what I know.

What is the “3 Step Plan”?

In a nutshell the 3 step plan is an invitation to become a distributor for XanGo. XanGo LLC. just might be the country’s fastest growing multi-level (pyramid) marketing company. On the website www.3stepplan.com Andy Willoughby says
fill out the form and a regular person not a salesperson will call you. The person that calls you is a distributor for XanGo, they will “3 way” your phone call with recorded sales messages and send you out their sales package.

How do I make money?

XanGo is much like Amway. You pay a membership fee (about $35) this entitles you to buy their product XanGo juice wholesale for about $100 a case. A case contains four 25 ounce bottles. You are required to buy at least one case per
month. Plus you need to buy marketing materials. The object is to sell your bottles for $38 each. For a $13 per bottle profit you will have to sell a lot of XanGo to get rich.

If you really want to make money you need to recruit new members in your “downline” where you will get 5% of their sales.Where do you find new members? The company has a solution, for approximately another $100-$500 per month they will get leads for you.Where do these leads come from? They come from the radio ads, ”How in the world are you, anyways?”. You are now the distributor talking to new prospects.

How much can I make? 

The real money in multi level marketing is always at the top of the pyramid. You can make good money with this business but just like any type of home based business nothing comes easy you must work for it and you must invest in your business. You are going to have to shell out a membership fee, pay for a
required monthly shipment, buy marketing materials, spend time finding new customers and distributors.


This business isn’t for everyone, but if you are looking for a turnkey business XanGo isn’t a bad choice. I just wanted people to know what they were getting into before they start. I liked the juice, I didn’t use it long enough to see any real
effects. I just didn’t want to be a part of a MLM company.

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