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Ric Edelman Review

Who is Ric Edelman?

Ric Edelman is an author and runs one of the largest independent investment and financial planning firms in America. Ric Edelman has his own Radio Show syndicated by ABC Radio Networks. He has a nationally syndicated newspaper column called “The Truth about Money”. He has authored several books, most recently “The Truth about Money” 2003, and “The Lies about Money” 2007. He is also a contributor to the “Oprah Winfrey Show”.

Is he looking out for you?

There is no doubting Ric Edelman’s credentials he has an impressive resume. He has sold millions of books and his financial planning firm manages close to $2 billion.  Ric Edelman has helped many investors and many more people find a way to get out of debt.  I think he and his firm are an excellent choice with one disclaimer….

There is this mutual fund thing

He flip flopped from supporting the managed mutual fund industry in his audio book “No-Nonsense System for Building Wealth”.  Then in another book “The Lies about Money” Ric Edelman talks about all the problems with the mutual fund industry. You see his firm moved from actively managed mutual funds to institutional funds. The mutual fund industry didn’t just start having these problems. These problems were present when he was recommending them and his firm stood to benefit from discouraging his readers from investments in mutual funds.  This is just something to take into consideration I wouldn’t let it be a deal breaker.  Every business is out to make money that is just the nature of the beast.

Buy and hold isn’t a strategy

Ric Edelman has not been as successful as he is without providing quality advice and service.  He has many good points and his strategies are sound for the most part. However there are some things I  completely disagree with him on. In particular his insistence on “Buy and Hold”. Advisors like Edelman call trend following gambling and see no value in it. Unfortunately they seem to believe that the average investor is not smart enough to make their own decisions.  With the advances in technology, computers and the internet, average investors can get access to the same information as the “big boys” and we can generate returns that are just as good and usually better when we spend a little time researching on our own. There are many programs, systems, newsletters and other services that can help investors make good sound investments without paying some multi-billion dollar firm to manage it for them.

Be diligent and use your own filter

Check out this Free Trading Course, it’s one of the best I’ve found out there.

Edelman makes some great points about the financial press that can easily apply to himself: “Many in the financial world have their own agendas. They aren’t necessarily trying to give you financial information. What they are trying to do is generate profitability for themselves.”  All that being said Edelman does provide some good sound advice you just need to look at it through the filter of knowing where he is coming from. Even Ric Edelman knows why he was writing his books, at one point he asks: “has this entire program been nothing but a sales pitch?”

5 Worst Investment Mistakes

Jim Cramer of CNBC’s Mad Money: Jim Cramer’s list of the 5 Worst Investment Mistakes

Many investors just jump right in and then they make mistake after mistake costing them a ton of money. If you know what these mistakes are and you avoid them you will be way ahead of the game. This is why I decided to post Jim

Cramer’s list of the 5 worst investment mistakes.

 1. Buy and Hold isn’t a Strategy

The single worst and widespread mistake out there is Buy and Hold. Buy and hold is a thing of the past. Buy and hold isn’t a strategy, it gives you a false sense of security. When you buy and hold you think “my work here

is done”, it’s an excuse to be lazy. It needs to be “Buy and Homework”. Listen in on conference calls. Check for Management confidence. You should be spending at least an hour a week studying, per stock.

2. Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda

If only I bought this or that. Don’t dwell on missed opportunities or bad mistakes. When you can’t get over your mistakes it becomes counter productive. Being an Investor is emotionally brutal. You have to be tough

minded. Focus your time on making good decisions in the present. Learn from your past then move on. It is our nature to regret mistakes, but overdoing it won’t get you anywhere. Don’t let it throw you off your game. This is what really separates the good investors from the bad.

3. Tips are for waiters. Not for traders

You can get great stock tips. These are the ones from insiders who actually know a company’s future moves.  These types of tips are illegal. The other types of tips are usually from someone who has an agenda. If someone wants to give you a stock tip it should send up a red flag. That being said there is a difference between a “stock tip” and a company or newsletter that does the homework for you and gives you recommendations.

4. Lack of Diversification

Diversify. Diversify. Diversify. Don’t keep all of your portfolio in one sector. You should not have more than 20%, even in a very hot sector. Remember the tech bubble. Enough said.

5. Buying your whole position at once

Sometimes you are your own worst enemy. In these times you need rules to suppress your instincts. Arrogance is a sin that will cost you a lot of money. Buying your whole position in a stock at one time is the most arrogant thing one can do. When you buy your whole position at once you are saying “this stock is not going any lower from this point on.” That is arrogance. Build a position over time, not all at once. Patiently wait for good entry points. It’s hard to time stock perfectly…Yet another reason to buy slowly.


Investing in the market takes a lot of time and discipline. Following these rules will save you a bunch of money.  It’s important to do your homework and have the right tools.  There are many systems and programs to choose from.  I’ve found a few that are inexpensive, guaranteed, and very successful. For my top choice click here Stock Market Investing Programs and Systems.

Or you could check out the free training offered through INO and traders whiteboard. Just click on the whiteboard on the right under Free Stock Market Training.

Good Luck and Good Investing!

Ross Jardine Stock Investor Review

Review: Ross Jardine Stock Investor

Rabbit’s Report provides in depth reviews of products, websites, services on the internet that claim to make you money.  Our mission is to give you the most authentic and accurate information possible.  Our promise to you is that we will not recommend any product that doesn’t come with an ironclad money back guarantee if your not satisfied.

What is the Ross Jardine Stock Investor Program? 
Does the Ross Jardine System work? 
What does the Ross Jardine Stock Investor cost?

Who is Ross Jardine?

Ross Jardine has been an investor since 1988. He was one of the co-founders of online Investors Advantage, which later became InvesTools Inc. He was involved in a lawsuit with Investools in 2006. Ross Jardine claims to be one of the pioneers of ecommerce for creating iMall in 1994 and the first Superbowl site in 1995. Ross is a graduate of Brigham Young University where he earned a BA in public relations.

What is the Ross Jardine Stock Investor?

You can get the free trial kit or you can purchase the “success kit” which consists of 5 informational DVD’s covering a variety of topics such as, introduction, researching fundamental’s and technical’s, money management and strategies. Most of the information covered on these DVD’s can be found on the many free sites out there like cbsmarketwatch.com. There isn’t much new here and I didn’t find any of the “secrets are revealed”. You also have to subscribe to a monthly stock investor membership to use the software.

My How much does the Ross Jardine Stock Investor Cost?

The “Success Kit” cost $ 395.00 plus shipping & handling. Once you receive and install the kit you have to activate your subscription to the Stock Investor Website. They give you the first 30 days free. Your membership will cost you $239.00 for 6 months minimum. $859.00 if you enroll for 24 months. Then there’s the personal coaching (extra), the online trading account (extra). Not to mention the constant sales pressure to upgrade to bigger and better things, (hey everybody does that, you need to expect up sells).

Is the Ross Jardine Stock Investor System Worth the Price?

In my opinion, No. I like their program, you can set your own indicators, it’s very well run and user friendly, but it simply is just not worth the $400 up front and $40 a month price tag. I also don’t like what I’ve heard from others who have tried to get their money back after deciding it wasn’t for them. This is a big part of my no recommendation. I do not like companies that make it difficult to make a return. You can check out what others have said further down this page.

What are the Alternatives to the Ross Jardine Program?

Check out my pick for top Stock Market / Trading program.  Click Here

What others have said about the Ross Jardine System

Q. How do I renew access to the site when my subscription runs out?
A. Your access to the web site is on auto renewal. Your account will be automatically charged each month until you request to change or discontinue access. Please call: 800-968-9792 with any questions you may have regarding your account subscription.
Can someone clarify.
This is an extra charge on top of the software purchase and use?
If so why would it automatically subscribe me.
It just keeps getting better and better as I go thru the software.
For example today I find out that they have a partnership with OptionXpress which charges you for getting into the trade and it also charges you for getting out of the trade, the same trade!”

From Clueless on Yahoo Answers

“Program did not work. Consultants canceled sessions without notification. Tech never called back to help. I am fighting to get my money back. DO NOT BUY!!!!!”

Laura, Ohio

“Ross I listened to your tutor/coach for the seven sessions and thought I had it down pat, I followed the green arrows and at the end of the next day I wound up losing money.”

Arnold Thomas, Onalaska, TX

Investools Review

Is InvesTools® what you’re looking for? What is included? How much does it cost? Is it worth the price?

I have done extensive research on InvesTools® and the following is my opinion of the InvesTools® stock investor program.

Note: InvesTools® is a trademark of InvesTools®, Inc. this is a review of their product and we are no way related to InvesTools®, Inc.

InvesTools® is not a scam but it will cost you.

InvesTools® is a complete stock investing package. Training, software, website etc.

  • They provide a large variety of training including DVD bundles, workbooks and workshops.
  • They provide a very organized website with some nice technical tools for advanced traders.
  • They have several levels of training from Stocks Course to Associate to Masters to PHD. Prices start around $1000 and can go up to $20,000+. I have heard where someone was able to call up and haggle a $3500 package down to $2000.
  • They try to keep the cost a secret until you attend one of their workshops then you get the hard sell for the advanced training.

Over 320,000 have graduated from InvesTools® training.

According to their SEC filings they have graduated over 320,000 and only about 1/3 (98,000) are still Investor Toolbox® subscribers. If their training and technical tools are of any value then you would think that more than 1/3 of their students would stay on as subscribers.

Bottom line: It’s not worth the price. They provide some excellent training but it is way over priced. There are many less expensive ways to get a good education in investing. In fact MarketClub gives you much more value than InvesTools and cost a fraction of what Investools does.If you would like more information I have posted some comments from others who have experience with Investools below.

Check out my top pick for Stock Market Investing Tools Here.

What others have said about InvesTools®.

Thanks for the site. I went to a live event and signed up for the ’30 day trial’. Since I did not think it would work for me I tried to cancel within the try/buy period and had a couple months of hell trying to do it. They had already charged my credit card anyway and would not return phone calls etc.”
Posted March 07, 2008

“My husband and I have been involved with Investools ® for about a year now and are very happy with the education. We have only paper traded and have learned a lot. We believe you get what you put into it. If you put the time and effort into learning all the information then it is totally worth every penny. We purchased the PhD program and are very glad we did. We went to the 3 day Options Live Event in Utah last month and again were very pleased with the training. We feel that this is like going back to college for a Masters Degree. This is definitely NOT a get rich quick scam….it takes tons of time (hours and hours of studying and coaching) and effort and willingness to learn.
Mindy and Jim

“Being a stockbroker I am always on the look out for websites that help me make informed decisions. I ran into investools.com today for the first time and was initially quite happy with what I found at the site. I was disappointed with the way investools.com does business. The site may be what you are looking for, but it was not what I was looking for.” hwz1 Philadelphia, PA

“Much has been said about the cost and their tendency to avoid talking about it until you attend at least their 2-hour introductory session. This bothered me initially as well, but I can see why they work that way.” rlarochelle

“I recently attended a “Get Motivated” seminar in St. Louis (Aug 17, 2007) and was really impressed with the Investools pitch. I was so impressed I went right away to the tables they had set up and signed up for the two-day class. Just like they said at the seminar I got a call from an Investools rep the next day to set me up with a free half hour coaching seminar to help me get acquainted with the website. Two days later my half hour coach called. It was after this call that I started feeling uneasy. I began feeling like these calls were really designed to keep me on the line, like I was a fish being reeled in. The Bottom Line
I am going to invest my funds with information that is already available for free or at much lower rates than Investools charges.” jason1760

Here are some excerpts from a recent review I saw on Epinions.com from user name Dile:

I bought the Investools education during a high-pressure sales pitch during one of the “Basic Stocks” classes. They do not give you enough information to be “financially secure” after you have learned what they have to teach.

Investools does not reply when you ask for a refund. They took my name, and told me I would be contacted within 7 to 10 working days. I was not contacted until after 13 working days, at which time I received voice mail with a phone number to return the call. In two months I returned the call 7 times – they called back only twice, and I never talked to a live person when I returned the calls. Not only that, when I disputed the charges with my credit card companies because they did not reply to my calls, they replied to the $995 charge that I had not contacted them for a refund, because the company that processed the $995 charge for the one-day Basic Stocks class that was required to use the web site was listed as “Get Motivated Business Seminars,” where I was originally sold the $995 class – which I thought had nothing to do with the Success Magazine Investor Education, or Investools (which are just different “brands” of the same thing – see the 10-K again, Part I, Item 1. Business, Business Strategy section, at the end of the second paragraph).

I cancelled the web site subscription, and they tried to keep part of the money for the “extension” I had agreed to earlier (because of their hard sell sales tactics from VERY sophisticated salesmen – they could sell milk to a cow!) – which wasn’t supposed to start until two months after I had started asking for a refund!

If you subscribe, you will:
Pay at least $995 for “education” supposedly needed to use the site (well, sort of true, because there is no help like most web sites or programs – you have to talk to a person to get help in just where things are, and you have to subscribe to the “hotline” to talk to a person).
Pay at least $350 for 6 months access to the web site
Be subjected to hard sell sales tactics to buy MUCH more expensive education, while being told that, although you can make money with only the $995 “education”, you can make much more with the $5,000 (“Associate Program” or “Basic Options”), $12,000 (“Masters”, which adds “Advanced Technicals”), or $24,000 (“PhD” or “Program of High Distinction”, which adds Advanced Options).
Be subjected to continuing sales calls to sell you more coaching, trading rooms, or hot line access.
Spend much more than the 3-5 hours per week they tell you is needed to learn the “system”
Likely make no money or “a little” money, but not the riches they convince you you’ll make

In my opinion, these companies do not deal with customers like a company that wants its customers to be happy and recommend them to others.

A BBB staffer told me a long time ago when I called about a company like this, “I can’t tell you not to buy it, but do you hear what I’m telling you?”