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Rabbit's Report - Reviews and Recommendations of Online Money Making Resources

Ross Jardine Stock Investor Review

Review: Ross Jardine Stock Investor

Rabbit’s Report provides in depth reviews of products, websites, services on the internet that claim to make you money.  Our mission is to give you the most authentic and accurate information possible.  Our promise to you is that we will not recommend any product that doesn’t come with an ironclad money back guarantee if your not satisfied.

What is the Ross Jardine Stock Investor Program? 
Does the Ross Jardine System work? 
What does the Ross Jardine Stock Investor cost?

Who is Ross Jardine?

Ross Jardine has been an investor since 1988. He was one of the co-founders of online Investors Advantage, which later became InvesTools Inc. He was involved in a lawsuit with Investools in 2006. Ross Jardine claims to be one of the pioneers of ecommerce for creating iMall in 1994 and the first Superbowl site in 1995. Ross is a graduate of Brigham Young University where he earned a BA in public relations.

What is the Ross Jardine Stock Investor?

You can get the free trial kit or you can purchase the “success kit” which consists of 5 informational DVD’s covering a variety of topics such as, introduction, researching fundamental’s and technical’s, money management and strategies. Most of the information covered on these DVD’s can be found on the many free sites out there like cbsmarketwatch.com. There isn’t much new here and I didn’t find any of the “secrets are revealed”. You also have to subscribe to a monthly stock investor membership to use the software.

My How much does the Ross Jardine Stock Investor Cost?

The “Success Kit” cost $ 395.00 plus shipping & handling. Once you receive and install the kit you have to activate your subscription to the Stock Investor Website. They give you the first 30 days free. Your membership will cost you $239.00 for 6 months minimum. $859.00 if you enroll for 24 months. Then there’s the personal coaching (extra), the online trading account (extra). Not to mention the constant sales pressure to upgrade to bigger and better things, (hey everybody does that, you need to expect up sells).

Is the Ross Jardine Stock Investor System Worth the Price?

In my opinion, No. I like their program, you can set your own indicators, it’s very well run and user friendly, but it simply is just not worth the $400 up front and $40 a month price tag. I also don’t like what I’ve heard from others who have tried to get their money back after deciding it wasn’t for them. This is a big part of my no recommendation. I do not like companies that make it difficult to make a return. You can check out what others have said further down this page.

What are the Alternatives to the Ross Jardine Program?

Check out my pick for top Stock Market / Trading program.  Click Here

What others have said about the Ross Jardine System

Q. How do I renew access to the site when my subscription runs out?
A. Your access to the web site is on auto renewal. Your account will be automatically charged each month until you request to change or discontinue access. Please call: 800-968-9792 with any questions you may have regarding your account subscription.
Can someone clarify.
This is an extra charge on top of the software purchase and use?
If so why would it automatically subscribe me.
It just keeps getting better and better as I go thru the software.
For example today I find out that they have a partnership with OptionXpress which charges you for getting into the trade and it also charges you for getting out of the trade, the same trade!”

From Clueless on Yahoo Answers

“Program did not work. Consultants canceled sessions without notification. Tech never called back to help. I am fighting to get my money back. DO NOT BUY!!!!!”

Laura, Ohio

“Ross I listened to your tutor/coach for the seven sessions and thought I had it down pat, I followed the green arrows and at the end of the next day I wound up losing money.”

Arnold Thomas, Onalaska, TX

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